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Spirit Dental & Vision:

Because healthy teeth and gums are vital to overall good health. To help you keep your oral health on track, Spirit Dental offers a range of affordable dental insurance solutions.

With Spirit Dental, we keep things simple, with no surprises. Once you’re enrolled in a plan, you’re covered. No waiting for that trip to the dentist.**

**There are no waiting periods for Preventive, Basic or Major services on the Spirit Dental plans. However, if you select a plan with Orthodontia services you may find, depending upon your state of residence, a waiting period on this service.  

Delta Dental:

Your Smile is Powerful. It Deserves Delta Dental.
We have a dental plan that fits your needs and budget.

*12 Month waiting period for major services may apply.

Magnum Dental:

Magnum individual and family dental plans offer large, quality networks in your area. You and your family can visit any PPO dentist you choose but the out-of-pocket savings are best when visiting an in-network provider. All network providers are contracted to accept a lower than standard fee, which results in lower claims costs and affordable premiums.

*12 month waiting period on Major Services may apply

Denali Dental:

Everyone agrees that good dental health is important but how exactly do you pay for it? Investing in the right dental insurance plan is a step in the right direction. Dental insurance on an average costs approximately $30 per month for an individual. Rates can vary depending upon where you live. The great thing about it is nobody can be turned down for dental insurance. Even if you need to have all your teeth redone you can't be turned down or charged a higher rate for dental insurance

*No waiting periods!

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