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  • Jamie has always been a pleasure to work with! His customer service is second to none. He always has the best insurance plans for me and my family and his pricing is very competitive. It is a relief to know that there is wonderful health care coverage for those who are self employed! Jamie's attention to detail, thoroughness and great attitude make him wonderful to work with. I always recommend him to friends and family!” - Jessica Welsch The Hopefull Company  
  • "Jamie, Thanks again for all your help....I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for health care... you've been a tremendous help and it is much appreciated." - Barb H. Columbia Hgts, MN

  • “Jamie Williams was recommended to us recently to help us with health insurance. We found Jamie to be an excellent person to work with. He was very quick to respond to all of our questions, offered many different options and answered every concern that we had.
    Jamie is the type of person that is very responsible and punctual with his clients' interest. He helped us find great healthcare insurance at an affordable rate. His goal was to meet our needs and he did!
    Thank you, Jamie Williams, the world needs more people like you!”
    - Paul & Carol Sommers
  • “Thank you for all your help. You have made this transition time in our lives so much easier. This cuts down on the stress level for both myself and my husband.  And keeps us much healthier. You are an insurance agent who not only sells insurance but also acts to to insure your clients keep their good health. We can't beat that!” - K. Solz
  • "Your knowledge is invaluable in helping us make an informed decision, and I really appreciate your sharing it!" - Christy Binoniemi
  • "Thanks so much for getting right back to me. I've really appreciated how you've helped me expedite my health insurance decisions. I'm very grateful to you for all your help, and will refer friends to you if they're seeking advice. My best regards." -Pam Giebink
  • "My current cost is $466 a month, and now it will be $307 a month. What a fabulous Christmas present… Thanks for all your help!!." -Bonnie Wilson
  • “It was a pleasure to work with Jamie on making one of the most difficult choices we have to make these days … choosing a healthcare provider and plan. Jamie simplifies a difficult process with patience, humor, information and quick service. It took more than 6 months as I agonized over this decision but with Jamie’s support I feel confident that I made a good one. I highly recommend working with Jamie and Minnesota Health Coverage to satisfy your health insurance needs!” -Estelle Fox, 
Solutions! Marketing
  • “Jamie, you are awesome!!! I can’t believe you even sent me an e-mail while you were on vacation. Thank you for exceeding my expectation. And I would be happy to write you a testimonial and I will be referring everyone to you! Thank you again Jamie you ROCK!” -Nick Needham
  • “Jamie saved me almost $700 a month. He was very thorough, very clear, and wonderfully patient. He answered all of my questions and got back to me promptly. He has really saved me from a lot of worry about my cost of the premium. I recommend him highly and would refer anybody I cared about to him.” -Ruth Markowitz, 
St. Paul, Minnesota
  • "Each year my HMO family health insurance has steadily increased by 10% - 20%. By establishing a Health Savings Account (HSA) we are now saving $361/month on our premium; a savings of 44%. With the HSA, we have great health care coverage and a viable investment plan for our health care in the future." -Connie Piepho
, Fox Communications
  • "We were using the Association of Realtors health plan and paying a ridiculous monthly premium for myself and my daughter. So when I saw Jamie’s flyer I called and I can’t believe how easy it was to come in and talk to him. He saved our family a lot of time and money. We are very thankful for his help." -Stephanie Walgrave
, Remax Advantage Plus, 
  • “After the birth of our second son, the premium for our family of four had reached $1300/month. As a self insured business owner, I needed to find a sensible option for saving money, and still feeling confident that my coverage could handle any catastrophic health care crisis that a family can run into. Jamie Williams took the time to sit down with my wife and I and went over the multitude of options for our family. We ended up saving well over $10,000 per year with a Health Saving Account. We couldn't be more thrilled with our experience.” -Dr. Andy Luing
, Dynamic Family Chiropractic
  • "Minnesota Health Coverage provided my family with comprehensive health care options that have saved us over $900 a month despite our unique health care needs. At the end of the day, we have great coverage with a well-known insurer; we are more responsible for our health and have a health insurance premium we can manage." -Bruce Nustad
  • "You stand alone as a great resource for anyone looking to lower the cost of their individual health insurance. As a result of working with you, we have saved $650 per month on our premiums.  We have comfort knowing if we had a $50,000 claim we would have no more out of pocket with our HSA plan than through our old traditional plan. You made the transition easy and your follow up was great." -Joe White
, Owner of Whitehouse Direct Spas , Eagan, Minnesota
  • "At a time when health care costs are rising rapidly and individuals, families and employers are struggling to find lower-cost alternatives, HSAs are a terrific option that I think every American ought to consider." -John Snow, 
U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
  • "I cover a family of four with my new HSA plan. I like the fact that with a low premium/high deductible plan, we are not prepaying for services we do not intend to use. We live a healthy lifestyle and are happy to be more in control of our health spending. We also know that we are covered for catastrophic, unforeseen needs. With the savings portion, we maximize our tax deductions and plan to use the account as supplemental retirement income."
  • "Our new plan lowered our premium cost by two thirds, encourages tax-deductible saving, and we aren't faced with the use it or lose it proposition of the old flexible spending account. And, our carrier negotiates, on our behalf, the final cost of medical services such that even if we hit the maximum annual deductible, we would still spend less than our former HMO style plan." -Mark Rachac
  • "I recently quit my job to pursue other opportunities. Upon doing so, I was confronted with the exorbitant cost of electing COBRA health insurance coverage from my former employer. While shopping for a less expensive option for our health coverage, Minnesota Health Coverage helped me and my family find affordable health insurance coverage that fit our situation perfectly. They were sensitive to our needs, and responsive to our questions and concerns. We are very happy with our choice and the service we received." -James Namorato
, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • "Minnesota Health Coverage knows the secrets and techniques to save money the insurance companies won't tell you. They care about people and really want to help you and your family get the best deal that fits your needs. I recommend taking the time for the short insurance analysis they offer. You will probably be amazed at how much you can save." -Michael Casey
, Casey Design Group , Minnetonka, Minnesota
  • "I wanted to thank you for signing me up for a Health Savings Account. I had to get a crown at the dentist yesterday, and was relaxed knowing that everything would be taken care of with tax-free money through my HSA. Thank you again for saving me a lot of money!" -Alice Everett, 
Absolutely Alice
  • "When I called Jamie recently I was already confident that we would receive prompt and professional service, since Minnesota Health Coverage has helped us in the past.  This time I was in more of hurry since I now know how much delays would cost us in COBRA premiums, and Jamie provided a level of service that I could have only hoped for-getting our new plan set up quickly and efficiently. Thanks Jamie!" -Phil Hernick, 
Eagan, MN
  • "The YMCA that I belong to had recently announced that they had partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota (I believe also Health Partners) and that most of their plans are eligible to receive a $20 credit towards their club membership if it is visited 8 times per month.
  • I was so happy when I received my insurance card to find out that my plan is included - so I'm especially glad I went with Minnesota Health Coverage!
    I had been wondering about keeping my Y membership, this is a great incentive to get going again!

    Thanks so much, Jamie!" -Loraine Ahmann
, Allstate Insurance
  • "As a small business owner, I need support that I can count on and I need to carefully guard my expenses - - Jamie Williams is my ally. I couldn’t have found what I needed on my own, nor would I have wanted to sort my way through the broad field of medical insurance choices. He is professional and funny - - something you won’t get at through a faceless call center. Just say "yes" to Jamie Williams with Minnesota Health Coverage!" -Karin Eliasen, Organizing Consultant, Clear Intentions, Inc.
  • "Jamie,
I wanted to thank you for my new health insurance policy. I believe that you saved me $311.08 monthly. Thank you." -Essam Hammami
, Se Wireless, Eagan, MN
  • "I talk to business people all day and it doesn't take long to know that Jamie Williams is someone people like to do business with. Sure he has knowledge and experience, but I like the genuine concern to find the right coverage at the right price. The fact that he's easy to get a hold of is a bonus. He's good, very good." -Vincent Meyer
, Cards to Clients
  • "When I contacted Jamie about affordable insurance, I was undergoing two major transitions in my life: I was going from a government job to a commissioned position in sales, and my wife and I were expecting our first child. I really appreciated the assistance that Jamie was to give me in this happy but ultimately turbulent time. It was a great relief to have someone listen to my concerns and truly take an interest in our situation. Jamie helped me sort through the labyrinth of insurance options and worked with me to come up with the best solution for me and my family. I have every confidence that Jamie Williams will have my business into the future." -Mike Lipetzky

“Jamie has always been a pleasure to work with! His customer service is second to none. He always has the best insurance plans for me and my family and his pricing is very competitive. It is a relief to know that there is wonderful health care coverage for those who are self employed! Jamie's attention to detail, thoroughness and great attitude make him wonderful to work with. I always recommend him to friends and family!”

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